Vacation Bible School

2021 VBS Family Reunion
Sunday, July 25, 2021

Almost 30 current and former VBS students and their families came to church on Sunday July 25 to enjoy a few hours of VBS activities together. This was the second in-person church event since the beginning of COVID, so it was especially joyful. Everyone participated in the familiar VBS activities of singing and games. First, there was a light picnic supper before a time of singing familiar VBS songs. Next, the group split into three teams to focus on solving many Wheel of Fortune-style challenges with lots of twists. Then, it was out to the obstacle course. One member from each team was blindfolded while teammates coached from the sidelines to get from beginning to end of the course. This was a visual lesson about trusting God. Finally, it was time for more singing followed by cake and ice cream.

The theme of the event was “Pray throughout the day to help you know God’s way”. The Bible lesson was delivered in clear terms: that God loves each one of us and delights in hearing our prayers.

Thanks to Christine Momjian and Yvonne Fereshetian whose impetus and thoughtfulness provided everyone with exciting and fun experiences. Other helpers included Bruce Momjian (flawless tech), Paul Fereshetian (great game ideas), Luke Momjian (game meister), Catherine Momjian (song leader), Kathy Chaney and Jeannette Keshishian (kitchen).

We have been blessed by the privilege of serving your children during VBS over the years.

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Below are quotes from parents and children about the AMCC VBS:

“They love it! They are cranky at home but they are so happy when they are here!”

“They (children) came with pleasure and happiness. No grumbling when compared with other activities.”

“. . . wish there were more of such programs among the Armenian churches–feel a great need for it.”

“They are very happy to come here, prefer over other activities.”

“Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication! Job well done! The children enjoyed very much.”

“We are still singing the songs.”

“Many thanks and blessings to you for a wonderful vacation Bible camp. (She) really enjoyed herself and learned a lot! All the volunteers were so sweet and helpful! You have a wonderful ministry at your church!!”

When asked at the closing program what they liked about the VBS, multiple children replied, “Everything!”; other “likes” were Imagination Station, KidVid and Games.